AI for spine MRI interpretation

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Get through studies faster without compromising quality

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Tired of the escalating volume of studies?
Concerned about quality taking a backseat to tight turnaround times?

You should never stand alone!

Meet RAI — your AI co-pilot

Remedy Logic RAI
  • First AI co-pilot

    for neuro and MSK radiologists

  • Reclaims your time

    and serves as a supplementary consult, elevating patient care

  • Specializing in spine MRI interpretations

The only AI for spine MRI interpretation built by U.S. radiologists and U.S. spine surgeons

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Native to your workflow

with seamless integration into your PACS/RIS delivered in 48 hours

  • Open the study in your viewer

  • Press a single key for instant pathology and measurement highlights

  • Complete your report using RAI’s insights as a starting point

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Become the visionary

that shapes patient care, backed by the power of AI

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  • Join hundreds of esteemed neuro and MSK radiologists already enhancing care with RAI

  • Collaborate effectively with leading spine surgeons relying on RAI for patient evaluations

  • Become part of an elite circle where renowned health institutions choose RAI for research and publications

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  • Zoom with us to book your RAI set up

  • Enjoy next-day RAI set up in your PACS/RIS

  • Start saving time in 48 hours or you do not pay a penny!

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Start saving time in 48 hours or you don't pay us a penny.

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  • Live at 100+ facilities

  • Backed by years of research and multiple publications

  • Trained on 5 million MRI studies

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