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AI-powered spine surgery decision-making

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AI-powered spine surgery decision-making
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  • 25%
    Faster pre-auth decisions
  • 30%
    Average case savings
  • 95%
    Client satisfaction score

Fast Approvals, Better Patient Outcomes

RemedyLogic is an AI-enabled software solution that automates prior authorization decisions for healthcare providers and payers, helping place patients on the most effective and cost-efficient care pathways

Our Publications
We’ll help identify the cause
We’ll help identify the cause
Back pain is the 2nd most common reason for seeing a doctor
We’ll help find the right treatment
We’ll help find the right treatment
Back surgery failure rate is as high as 50%
We'll eliminate unnecessary surgeries
We'll eliminate unnecessary surgeries
30% of spine surgeries are proven to be medically unnecessary

Improving Patient Outcomes

AI-driven analysis developed by leading neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and radiologists in the world

Dr. Burton Drayer
Dr. Burton Drayer
Medical Advisor

Chair of the Department of Radiology at Mount Sinai, President of Board of Directors of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Dr. Darren R. Lebl
Dr. Darren R. Lebl

Associate Professor of Spinal Surgery at HSS

Dr. Robert Holtzman
Dr. Robert Holtzman

Associate Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Columbia University

Dr. Shaun Honig
Dr. Shaun Honig

Head of Radiology Medicine at Mount Sinai

Proven Results

RemedyLogic helps payers, patients, and doctors reach faster pre-authorization decisions


Faster pre-authorization decisions25%


Utilization behavior change30%


Client satisfaction score95%

How It Works

Automated real-time prior-authorization decision support

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Automatic Input
Patient clinical data is ingested
AI-enabled real-time analyses of data is performed
Independent patient case review and decision-support information is provided

Speed Up Your Prior Authorization Process

RemedyLogic uses artificial intelligence to streamline and automate your prior authorization processes


of respondents reported that a prior authorization delayed access to necessary care


of physicians stated that prior authorization delays led to patients abandoning their recommended course of treatment


of physicians said that a prior authorization processes have led to a serious adverse event for a patient in their care

What Payers, Patients, and Doctors Say About Us

Health insurance companies, self-insured employers, and patients are already using RemedyLogic

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“A lot of employers may start with Remedy Logic, [...] as they need to start to save cost"

Head of Global Healthcare,
Fortune 500 aerospace company

RemedyLogic’s approach to address unnecessary spinal surgeries is a big cost saving value added for any Health Plan or other Payor"

Executive Medical Director,
Top 3 IRO

“With unparalleled treatment options transparency, Remedy Logic can provide payors with significant value and savings."

Director of Healthcare Management & Cost,
Top 3 U.S. health plan

“In my position I get to see demos from all types of healthcare technology solutions. RemedyLogic is one of the few that I can see making an immediate impact on my healthcare spend.

Director of Healthcare Management & Cost,
Top 3 U.S. health plan

RemedyLogic's [...] robust AI solution may result in: lower cost of care, less abrasive treatments as well as fewer outpatient visits"

Director of Healthcare Management & Cost,
Top 3 U.S. health plan

Seamless Integration

Implementation happens seamlessly through your existing network or utilization management vendor. No separate interfaces, apps, or sign-ups for patients

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Putting Payers in Control of Outcomes and Savings

Our AI-driven technology helps insurance companies save money while improving patient outcomes and customer loyalty

$20 billion

Each year is wasted on ineffective back pain treatments

Reduce healthcare costs per patient

Eliminate clinically inappropriate utilization of surgical procedures


MRI studies analyzed by RemedyLogic

Increase provider productivity

Evidence-based diagnosis and treatment plan backed by AI


Pre-authorization decisions are sustained at any stage

Improve client satisfaction

Make faster, more accurate pre-authorization decisions

Your Patients Are Not Overtreated And You Are Not Overbilled

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