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of cases lead to a major change in diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis in patient-initiated second opinion consultations


of patients seek a second medical opinion when their diagnosis is uncertain or when treatment choices are complicated or involve risks


of cases are misdiagnosed, with 55% of patients listing ‘diagnostic error’ as their main concern when seeing a physician in an outpatient setting

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RemedyLogic will analyze your clinical data and instantly provide you with the most likely diagnosis and the most efficient treatment plan

Improving Patient Outcomes

AI-driven analysis developed by leading neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and radiologists in the world

Dr. Burton Drayer
Dr. Burton Drayer
Medical Advisor

Chair of the Department of Radiology at Mount Sinai, President of Board of Directors of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Dr. Darren R. Lebl
Dr. Darren R. Lebl

Associate Professor of Spinal Surgery at HSS

Dr. Robert Holtzman
Dr. Robert Holtzman

Associate Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Columbia University

Dr. Shaun Honig
Dr. Shaun Honig

Head of Radiology Medicine at Mount Sinai

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Find out the reason for your back pain

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